Jared & Lexi Floyd of Brownfield announced winners of the 2019 Peanut Efficiency Award

Posted on July 10, 2019

for the Southwest Region

Pictured from left to right: 
Randy Floyd, Jared’s father; Lexi and Channing (3 mo); Jared; Aniston (11); and Ashton (14)

This week, Farm Press announced their 20th class of Peanut Efficiency Award Winners, which included Jared and Lexi Floyd of Brownfield, Texas representing the Southwest Region. The Peanut Efficiency Award honors farmers who incorporate innovative techniques on their farm to improve overall profitability (high yields at the lowest cost per acre).

The Floyd’s produce conventional and organic peanuts along with conventional and organic cotton, and conventional wheat, in addition to raising show steers in Terry, Gaines, and Yoakum counties. While peanut farming has been in the Floyd family for multiple generations, Jared and Lexi were the first to produce organic peanuts, which though challenging, proved to be worthwhile.

The three-year average yield for the Floyd’s organic peanuts is 3,900 pounds per irrigated acre, while the average yield for conventional peanuts is about 4,000 pounds per irrigated acre. Last year, their organics sold for $1,200 per ton while conventionals sold for around $400 per ton, contracted with All Star Peanuts in Wellman, TX.

For the Floyds, farming is a family affair, as Jared and Lexi farm alongside Jared’s dad, Randy Floyd. In addition, Lexi also serves on the Terry County Farm Bureau Board, the West Texas Young Farmers board and the Western Peanut Growers Association, and is one of Texas’ Peanut Leadership Academy participants this year. 

On behalf of Texas Peanuts, we would like to congratulate Jared and Lexi on their award!