National Peanut Board Referendum Passes with 93% Grower Approval

Posted on July 10, 2019

The overwhelming majority of growers (93%) voted in favor of the continuance of the Peanut Promotion, Research, and Information Program, which authorizes the National Peanut Board.

Since the last referendum was conducted in 2014, the National Peanut Board has successfully fulfilled its mission to improve the economic condition of peanut growers and their families in the U.S. through promotion and groundbreaking research. 

As a result of the National Peanut Board’s efforts,
– Consumption of peanuts is at an all time high. 
-Peanuts are establishing a reputation as the preferred nut among Millennials. 
-The LEAP study, supported by the NPB, showed early introduction to be key in preventing peanut allergies, therefore changing official allergy guidelines for infants. 

Overall, the National Peanut Board has invested 34.5 million toward production research and 25 million toward peanut allergy research. The latest referendum results indicate overall grower satisfaction of the work the National Peanut Board has done and continues to do.