Three Texas Peanut Farmers Graduate from Peanut Leadership Academy Class XII

Posted on July 6, 2021

In June of 2021, three Texas peanut farmers graduated from the Peanut Leadership Academy Class XII. Pictured above with TPPB Executive Director, Shelly Nutt, is Rustin Knight from Terry County, Benny Teichroeb from Gaines County and Texas’ National Peanut Board candidate, Lexi Floyd, from Terry County. 

The Peanut Leadership Academy is facilitated by the Southern Peanut Farmers Federation. According to their website, the program is a cooperative effort between grower organizations and agricultural extension. The program began in 1998 with a class of 14 peanut growers from Alabama, Florida and Georgia. Today, the program includes growers from several other states, including Texas, as well as sheller representatives. 

The program aims to grow participants knowledge of the U.S. peanut industry. Over the duration of the 18-month program, growers will attend five sessions in different locations across the U.S., giving them an opportunity to learn more about grower and industry issues and new skills and technologies.

If you are a peanut grower and you would like to participate in this two-year leadership program, call, text or email Shelly Nutt for an application.